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Over 1200+ gated communities trust ADDA GatekeeperTM

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Robust Gate Management

App - ADDA GateKeeperTM

Visitor Management, Parcel Management, Domestic Help Attendance, Incident Reporting, Patrolling Management, Water Tanker Tracking, Move-In Out Tracking etc.

More advanced features PLUS fully integrated with the #1 Community management ERP - ADDA ERP!

NoNonsense Platform

ADDA does not push Spammy Ads. ADDA is not a facade for Property Brokers. ADDA does not mislead the Association into selling Residents data

ADDA has a 12 years track record of providing Trusted Community Management SaaS. While the Market has many SAAT (Software as a Trojan) today, ADDA has stuck to its path of building the Best Tech for Connected Communities

You own your Hardware.

You own your Data

ADDA does not mandate using ADDA's phone by your Security Guards. The Data resides on the Device provided by the Association to the Guards. This way the Association owns the Data and cannot be held ransom when changing Software Vendors

The GateKeeper(TM) can also work on any

device - Phone / Tablet / PC

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"We had a wonderful support team setting up ADDA in our Brigade Aspiro Community. Their explanations and deployment were clear and to the point, which helped us understand the tool and use it correctly."

- Mr. Prasanna Krishnamoorthy

(Brigade Aspiro, Chennai)

"ADDA caters to all the needs of a gated community. With excellent support from the ADDA team, we could set up ADDA in our apartment in a matter of days. That just shows the user friendliness of ADDA."

- Mr. Balaji J

(Vedam Enclave, Bangalore)

"ADDA provided a big relief to our community and made our lives much easier. The Gatekeeper module, expense tracking modules, and helpdesk modules provide easy maintainability and are scalable in nature."

- Mr.Soma

(Kubhera Vistas, Coimbatore)

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