Apartment Gate Security & Visitor Management App for Housing Societies

  • 90 Million+ Visits Managed
  • Manage Visitors Seamlessly from Anywhere
  • Staff Management: Attendance, Move-In/Outs and more
  • Emergency and Incident Management

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Apartment Gate Security Management System used by 3000+ Housing Societies across India

App Based Security Management

  • Data captured is now ONLINE. Tracking of Visitors, Staff, Vehicles is made easy to Owners, MCs
  • Upto 50% Faster Visitor & Staff Check In/Out
  • Less Queue at Gate
  • Verify Visitor Information, Capture Photos 
  • Designed for usage outdoor by Guards
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New Feature: Move-In/Out Management for Residents

  • The Security Guard captures Move-In/Out
  • Manager/MC instantly alerted to verify  
  • New Owners/Tenants get added & Outgoing Owners/Tenants get de-activated the same day
  • Outstanding Dues, Move-Out charges recovered

What our Customers say

"Instead of Stand Alone Solutions we thought it's better to implement an Integrated Solution.  

From Management we have Single View to what's happening in the complex - from Accounting to Security.  

Residents have to download One App, where along with payments to society, helpdesk tickets, with GateKeeper, they also gets visitor lists, staff attendance, etc."  

– Mr. Rahul Mahajan, Nagarjuna GreenRidge, Bangalore

Benefits for Residents

  • Approve Visitors even without Intercom
  • Pre-Authorize Expected Visitors. Save them from queueing at gate
  • View Attendance, Reviews of your Cook, Maid, Driver
  • Call for immediate help from Security guards, Neighbours during Emergencies

Benefits For Management Committee

  • Maintain ONE Database of Owners, Tenants
  • Supervise Security Activities from Anywhere, Anytime
  • Get Notifications on Security Anomalies - No Visitor Entry, Wrong entry, Overstay of Visitors, etc.
  • Save on Staff Absentee Costs

For existing users, ADDA GATEKEEPER is just PLUG & PLAY

ONE DATABASE of Owners & Tenants

ELIMINATE need to keep updating Resident & Staff Information in multiple places on a CONSTANT basis!

ONE APP for Residents

Using same ADDA App, residents can now pre-authorise guests, Get Visitor & Staff Notifications, View Staff Attendance, Ask for Immediate help from Security Guards and much more…

ADDA Security for Resident

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Why ADDA GateKeeper is a must have Apartment Gate Management Software for Housing Societies?

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