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The Apartment SuperApp is now available to every apartment/villa community/private layouts

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  • Get official notices and alerts.
  • Stay connected with your neighbors.
  • Conduct online polls
  • Share important documents with your tenants

Home Services 

  • Groceries, Farm-Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
  • Medicines
  • Home Quarantine Services
  • Sanitization and Pest Control Services
  • Laundry Services and more

Quarantine Tracker

  • Encourage residents to self declare quarantine.
  • Help your association to arrange essential services to quarantine units.
  • Show solidarity with goodwill wishes.

Emergency Management

  • Emergency contacts at your fingertips: E.g. Ambulance, Nearby Hospital, Police Station etc.
  • Urgent Help from friends/family with Panic Alert.

Emergency Help Button

  • Configure your personal emergency contacts - family/neighbors/friends.
  • A three second tap sends out SOS message to configured contacts.

In-House Delivery Hub

  • Receive alerts from the main gate
  • Track your parcels
  • Convert your main gate or a block lobby into a tech enabled In-House Delivery Hub