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ADDA - Housing Society Software


Housing Society Billing and Accounting, Communication, Facility Management Software

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ADDA GateKeeper

Apartment Gate Management, Visitor, Staff & Intelligent Security Management Software

The ADDA App

The App for every Society/Apartment Complex Resident

Connect With Community Neighbors & Association

Forum Discussion

Threaded Conversation Forum. Put up important Updates on Notice Boards

Online Polls

Gather opinion of Community members on various matters of Importance


Connect with Neighbors with Similar Interests like Sports, Hobbies, Volunteer Work

Photos, Albums

Share photos with Neighbors, preserve memories of Community Events

The One Stop Software for Owners to manage the Apartment

Online Payment Gateway

Integrated Payment Gateway, gives Residents multiple choices for Payments where Residents get Instant Receipts

Document Management

Helps maintain all Property and Tenancy related Documents in one place. Easy Sharing Options with other Members

Property Management

Ability to Manage Multiple Properties, Tenants and Apartment related data like Family Members, Vehicles, Parking

Helpdesk Tickets & Tracking

Easily raise Housing Society Maintenance Requests and track to Quick Closure. Attach photos, provide comments & feedback

The Window to your Apartment Community


Buy, Rent or Sell anything from Furniture, Toys to Apartments. Checkout Local Vendors Recommended by Neighbors


Ability to check availability of Common Facilities, including options to make online payments to confirm booking


Do not miss out on any Activities - Events, Celebrations, Hobby sessions happening in the Community


Directory of all neighbors - Setup Privacy Options, have Direct Chat with Neighbors. List of Emergency Contacts

Housing Society Association Management

The property you manage is worth millions, you should have the best tool in your hands to manage it

ADDA Admin Dashboard for Association

Apartment Accounting & Billing

Housing Society Accounting & Billing with Automated Invoicing, Integrated Payment Gateway, Manage Defaulters

Manage Society Users

Add, Update, Approve, Deactivate Users. Manage Access

Helpdesk Tracker

Track Complaints/Queries. Set Task Owners, Escalation Matrix

General Ledger

Chart of Accounts, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and P & L Statements

Asset & Inventory Tracker

Central Repository of Details. Documents, Maintenance Records

Admin Reports

150+ Action Oriented Reports for Apartment MC members

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Do you still have that "Why should I use ADDA for Apartment Management?" messing up your mind? Chill, we've got you covered!

Complete Apartment Management

Managing a Coop Housing Society / Co op Housing Society in India (or property management) is more than just collecting maintenance dues. That too with the effect of GST on housing societies, Society Management has become a hectic job for the Apartment Management Committee. A healthy society thrives on a well maintained common area, seamless facility management, faultless balance sheets, transparent communication, meticulous inventory management and much more. Such a vast array of functions cannot always be maintained in a wholly manual system. ADDA (formerly known as Apartment ADDA), a pioneer of Apartment Management System, integrates in its app, every module necessary to let an apartment function smoothly. This Apartment Management Software combines properties of an apartment accounting software with a comprehensive apartment security management system in the form of ADDA Gatekeeper. With its comprehensive modules of document management, multiple property management system, payments, inventory management, Helpdesk tracker and other features, ADDA is the first of it's kind in property management apps and the game changer in the market of real estate technology. Why not companies like Apna Complex or My Gate. Why Apartment ADDA? $465 million dues is being managed by MCs from around 3000+ Apartment Complexes through ADDA. $80 Million online payments are made by Aparment Residents using ADDA. Find a better reason still?

Cooperative Housing Society Accounting Sofware

Apartment Accounting (Okay, you may call it as Housing Society Accounting) is no child’s play. It may seem simple from a distance; larger the community, the more complex it gets to manage the finance. Collecting Apartment Maintenance is one task (Forget GST on Apartment Maintenance, that's a different story); however keeping track of how collected funds are used, is a different headache altogether. ADDA (formerly known as ApartmentADDA) app helps to keep track of expenses made in each financial year with detailed records. It keeps records of vendor invoicing and payments, bulk expenses, and purchase requests. This Apartment Accounting Software also helps to keep records of petty cash transactions. Since ADDA is a SaaS based product, records are automatically uploaded in the cloud during internet connectivity. As a result, records are never lost. Retrieval of records is easy. It assists in setting up and maintaining separate billing of utilities like piped gas, water, electricity, diesel generator, etc. The best part being all these records are at one place, thereby, cutting down chances of clutter and organisation issues. This user friendliness in Apartment Accouting & Billing module is the reason why 3000+ Apartment Complexes in India prefer ADDA rather than doing cooperative society accounting in tally or ApnaComplex or MyGate or Society Connect or other agencies. Property Management Software are the new age toys every MC should have.

Apartment Communication for Residents and Management Committee

Communication is imperative when it comes to Housing Society Management. In a Property Management System, communication plays a vital role. With ADDA, community conversation is taken care of in a single dedicated platform. Messages posted do not get lost in a pile of digressing chats. Apartment Residents do not miss important notices. The ADDA app helps management committee members send notices to registered residents and tenants through SMSes and emails. Residents can have open discussions about their community. Thinking of a toy library in the premises? Or unsure about which WiFi brand to trust for your own house? Just discuss with neighbours and see what works best in the community. Use the Polls feature to ensure your voice is heard in decision making. Find out neighbours with similar interests in Groups. Put up pictures of apartment or society activities in the ADDA Albums for all to see. An open communication on a designated platform makes for a transparent apartment management system. Talk Housing Society Waste Management, Water Management and what not? But Management Committee Members, don't you worry, this apartment society management software gives you control to maintain quality of the community forum discussion.

Society Billing & Online Collection 

Gone are the days, when an apartment building meant one or two five to six storey buildings with about 40-50 residential units in them. Housing societies and apartment complexes are only getting vast with time. Generating invoices manually for such a huge expanse of residential units is a Herculean task. This automated apartment billing software saves time, money and effort. Invoices are generated automatically and sent to all residents on a pre-set date. Advance invoices also helps to gently remind the residents of their maintenance due and helps to reduce defaulting. Consequently, collective income of the community rises. People are busy these days. They prefer things as easy as possible. So why not apartment maintenance payment? Integration with payment gateways, netbanking (All National & International Banks) and UPI helps residents to pay their dues anytime from anywhere, through the ADDA app (formerly known as Apartment ADDA). 

HelpDesk & Apartment Facility Management 

Maintaining common areas, addressing escalations and grievances of residents can become a difficult job too soon. With a system entirely dependant on manual labour, there are bound to be glaring fallacies. It also consumes a lot of time to attend to simple day to day issues that are natural in a community or housing society. With ADDA's property management system, the module called HelpDesk helps to raise private as well as community tickets to address any issue any resident or tenant might be facing. Helpdesk tickets go straight to the Maintenance Staff, allowing them to efficiently attend to complaints. Facility booking is another aspect that demands transparency. The Management Committee, can set up strict policies for booking, payments, cancellation of booking of all facilities in the apartment complexes. It also helps residents to check availability of facilities in their society, without visiting the Association office. The ADDA app helps to book facilities and make online payments while successfully avoiding the hassle and rush of double bookings and ad-hoc bookings.

ADDA ( OK, your very own ApartmentADDA ) now has it's presence in 80+ Indian Cities which includes Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkatta, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Gujarat and more. To use ADDA Software in your apartment, Schedule a Free Demo Today. 

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