Visitor Management & Gate Management for Apartments and Housing Societies

ADDA GateKeeper is the perfect community software for your visitor, staff management and security related problems. Say goodbye to the old ways of using manual registers at your security gates! Try ADDA's Visitor Management System

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ADDA GateKeeper, The Society & Apartment Security Management App

Helps Secure Your Home, Family & Community

Gate Management with GateKeeper App

Move-In/Out Integration

Visitor Management

Clubhouse Entry/Exit Management

Staff Management

Mobile Intercom

Emergency Management

Security Hardware Integrations


Worry less about the Security of your Home and Loved Ones.

  • Validate Visitors right from your Mobile Phone, even if Intercom is down!
  • Get real time notifications on visitors coming to your home
  • Get immediate help during emergencies from Security Guards, Neighbors
  • Staff attendance management (Cook, Maid, Nanny, Driver)
  • Make visitors welcome, by entering them as Expected Visitors

Apartment & Society Owners Association, Office And Management Committee

Can bring to Life, the vision of your Gated Community Security.

  • With this Apartment Securiy App, monitor security processes from anywhere, anytime
  • Get visibility into security processes and optimize security costs
  • Prevent pilferage of inventory, goods, water, diesel through accurate data capture at the security gate

Security Guards

Gets Equipped to better Ensure the Security & Safety of your Community.

  • Replace all your manual registers at gate with a Tablet/Phone - ADDA GateKeeper App
  • Ability to stop impostors trying to enter your Apartment Complex
  • Ability to verify contact details of visitors, capture photos, monitor overstay
  • Ability to stop blacklisted staff from entering
  • Faster check-ins, gets rid of queues at security gate

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